School Safety Letter

Dear Dufur School Supporters,

We were all shocked and saddened by the tragic event in Texas yesterday. Our thoughts are
with those affected, and we acknowledge the bravery of staff, parents and community partners who responded to this horrific event. It's tough to grasp how these events continue to occur in the United States of America!

Although events like these are rare, we recognize the impact that they can have on each of us -
our children, staff, families and friends. Individuals react to situations like this in various ways.
We may feel sadness, grief, helplessness, and anger.

If Dufur School can be helpful in answering questions that your child may have concerning
these tragedies please reach out and we will provide services to help our students in dealing
with their feelings as needed. I've reached out to local law enforcement following yesterday's
event in Texas, concerning how best to deal with these unthinkable events. We will be meeting
with local law enforcement during the upcoming summer break to ensure that we are doing
everything possible to maximize the level of safety for all Dufur School students and staff.

Following this period of planning, there will be a school safety community night scheduled early in the 2022/23 school year to ensure that we are working together to ensure the highest level of safety for the Dufur School community.

The Dufur School District's number one goal is the safety of our students and staff. We look

forward to working together to provide comfort: when needed and ensuring that our safety plan is the best that it can be.

Jack Henderson, Superintendent

May 25th School Safety Letter