July 31, 2023 


The Dufur School District Board of Directors will conduct a public hearing before the Local Contract  Review Board at their next regularly scheduled board meeting. The intent of this hearing is to review the  findings and receive public comment. In the Matter of Exemption Request of Dufur K-12 School  Gymnasium Seismic Rehabilitation. FINDINGS OF FACT ORS 279C.335(1) requires, with certain  exceptions, that all Public Improvement contracts be based on competitive bids and, under ORS  279C.375, awarded to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder. ORS 279C.335(2) permits the Local  Contract Review Board, as the Dufur School District contract review authority, to grant, under certain  conditions, specific exemptions from the requirement for competitive bidding upon the approval of specified findings. OAR 137-049-0620, division 249 allows the Local Contract Review Board to exempt a  Public Improvement contract from the requirements to be competitively bid, provided written findings  supporting the use of non-competitive bid process show compliance with OAR 137-049-0600 to 137  049-0690 and applicable statutes. The written findings report is available for review prior to the public  hearing. Please contact Jack Henderson, Superintendent, via email at jhender@dufur.k12.or.us for a  copy of the findings. The hearing for review of these findings will be held at 6:00 PM on August 14, 2023, at Dufur K-12 School, 802 NE 5th St., Dufur, OR 97021.