Comprehensive Distance Learning


Dear Dufur Students and Families,

As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way students, staff, and families access and facilitate education. Dufur school staff and families have made many adjustments over the past few years, operating on fully-online schedules, hybrid schedules, and fully on-campus schedules. There is no doubt that as a whole, our school and community have become way more flexible and creative around how our students learn. Family health and wellbeing continues to be the most important factor in the Dufur staff’s partnership for learning with students and families. With your grace, we will continue to provide the support needed to facilitate student success. If you ever have questions or need help, please reach out to any of our staff members.

The following information will hopefully provide answers to the most frequently-asked questions around the continuation of distance learning in certain circumstances, including inclement weather and health-related campus closures:

Distance Learning 

  • Google Classroom

    • This is where all classroom teachers will post the day’s lesson and materials

    • This is where students need to go to access Zoom links

    • This is where students will turn in assignments

  • Zoom

    • Class meetings will be held via Zoom

    • Zoom links can be found on your child’s Google Classroom

  • Teacher Email

    • Students/families should check in with their teacher via email if they are unable to access Google Classroom and/or Zoom for the day

    • Students may submit work via email if prior arrangements have been made

Office Hours

  • Each teacher and grade-level team (elementary, mid-level and high school) will provide both classroom support and individual support to students in the event of distance learning. Please make appointments with teachers via email if additional support is needed outside of class time.

  • Dufur School and the office will not be open to the public during distance learning, but phone calls and emails will be checked regularly. In the event that work, textbooks, materials, etc. need to be picked up by a student, arrangements can be made. 

Meal Provisions

Meals will continue to be provided to any students living within the Dufur School District. Meals will be delivered by bus route and to common locations. Delivery dates and times will be communicated to families via Text Message and Live Feed announcements. 

  • In town students can get meals at the Dufur Christian Church

  • Red Bus route meals will be available at Calvary Baptist Church

  • Green and Blue Bus route meals will be delivered by route

  • Yellow and Orange bus route meals will be delivered as requested by families. 

Counseling Support

Please contact Ms. Tiffany at for a Zoom meeting link.