Dufur Budget Committee

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Cindy Johnson
Leona Egeland
Bert Wyatt
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Kathy Bostick

Budget Committee Minutes


The Budget Committee met May 21, 2018 to receive the budget message and proposed budget for 2018-19. Board Chair Robert Wallace called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M. Board and Budget Committee Members present were: Bert Wyatt, Leona Egeland, Bill Albrecht, Cindy Johnson, Kathy Bostick, Stan Ashbrook, Anne Kelly, and Monica Byers. Staff present: Jack Henderson and Virginia Albrecht.

Election of Officers

Budget Committee Chairperson - Board Chair Robert Wallace requested nominations for Budget Committee Chairman. Bill Albrecht nominated Bert Wyatt. Stan Ashbrook seconded the motion and called for a unanimous ballot, which carried.

Budget Vice-Chairman – Budget Chair Bert Wyatt requested nominations for Vice-Chair. Monica Byers nominated Kathy Bostick. Leona Egeland seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.

Budget Message

Jack presented the budget message, which included;

Available Funding: Major revenue sources for 2018-19 remain the same.

  1. Projected 2018-19 School Support Funding is $8,534.00 per ADMw. Enrollment currently at 314 ADM is anticipated to grow to 321 students starting 2018/19.
  2. The District continues to pursue grant dollars, securing the following grants:
  • KPI – Early Learning Grant - $10,000.00 for pre-school program in Celilo Village.
  • Measure 98 - $59,215.00 to continue Career technical Education, as well as improve graduation rates.
  • Facilities Planning Grant - $20,000.00 from ODE to cover expense of bond effort planning.
  • Facilities Assessment Grant - $25,000.00 from ODE to pay facilities assessments leading up to the bond election in November
  • Oregon School Capital Improvement Grant - $4.0 Million will serve as a match to the 4.0 million dollar bond which will be on the ballot in November. This grant requires local match, if the bond fails this money does not become a reality.

Budget Highlights

  • An additional Kindergarten teacher to offset the large number of students anticipated in the fall of 2018.
  • $70,000.00 in technology to continue providing the best technology education.
  • Measure 98 resources to improve our graduation rate, and agriculture program.
  • Maintaining our PERS fund to offset future increases.

Future Challenges

  • Continued monitoring of ADM as it fluctuates throughout the year and affects funding.
  • Pursuit of resources that provide the latest technology to bolster student’s ability to learn and prepare them for the future, and completion of their secondary education.
  • Balancing between the lofty State Academic Standards, while at the same time providing a balanced education for all students. The Districts FFA program thrives with students competing around the state in FFA activities
  • The ever increasing PERS rates, which increase 6% in 2019/20 resulting in a $120,000 increase of expense.

Review of Proposed Revenue & Expenditures

Virginia and Jack reviewed the line item budget document with budget members. The major expenditure continues to be salaries and benefits. The General Fund budget for 2018/19 is $4,701,314.00, Building Project Fund is $8,061,000.00 with the anticipated passage of a new bond levy in November, and the Dufur School District Scholarship Foundation is $1,088,500.00. The Total Proposed District Budget for the District is $14,902,448.00.

Due to the continued growth of the district and participation of the students, the middle school and high school extracurricular activities salaries significantly increased between 2017/18 and 2018/19 budgets.

Jack stated that with the continued projected growth of the district resources are planned to keep Petersburg School viable. Replacement of the roof, eves, glass and replacing the current heat system with new mini-split units is planned. Mid-Columbia Head Start currently uses a couple of class rooms, kitchen and playground. They have made several improvements that will remain with the building. Wahtonka Community School is obtaining Charter School status and may also be interested in space at Petersburg.

Budget Approval

After review and discussion of the proposed budget document, Stan Ashbrook moved to approve the Proposed Budget for 2018-19 and impose the permanent rate of $4.4659 per $1000 of assessed value. Monica Byers seconded the motion, which carried unanimously.

Having no additional business, the meeting was adjourned.