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Budget Committee Minutes

Budget Committee
May 15, 2023

The Budget Committee met May 15, 2023, to receive the budget message and proposed budget for the 2023-24 year. In the absence of the Board Chair and Vice-Chair Robert Wallace called the meeting to order at 6:00 P.M. Board and Budget Committee Members present were Cindy Johnson, Bert Wyatt, Kathy Bostick, Stan Ashbrook, and Robert Wallace. Staff present: Jack Henderson, Josie Turner, Virginia Albrecht, and Kristin Whitley.

Election of Officers
Budget Committee Chairperson – Stan nominated Robert as Chairman. Kathy seconded the nomination that carried unanimously.

Budget Vice-Chairman – Robert requested nominations for Vice-Chair. Cindy nominated Bert. Stan seconded the nomination that carried unanimously.

Budget Message – Jack presented the budget message stating elementary class sizes continue to be large requiring some split classes in the lower elementary. State funding is still uncertain. The Governor’s and Co-Chair’s proposed budget at $ 9.9 billion isn’t adequate. The May 17th revenue forecast will help to clarify a solid funding level for all state programs. This proposed budget is based on $10.1 billion revenue from the state school fund.

The following facts impact the proposed budget currently:

  1. Two of the elementary class sizes are large and demand split classes to best serve the student’s needs.

  2. Strong investment in health services to address health needs of students that assists their ability to attend school and learn. The budget maintains a Speech Language Pathologist, a full-time nurse, and full-time counselor.

  3. Career Technical Education is thriving and will be paid out of the High School Success grant funds from ODE.

  4. The district is pursuing grants to purchase a School Based Health Center. The $90,000 planning grant must be spent by June 30 , 2023. An additional $300,000 in grant dollars are being pursued to purchase a modular unit.

Grant dollars that impact this budget are:

  1. Farm to School Grant in the amount - $100.000.00. This grant would provide funding to expand the educational program on the district’s ag property.

  2. RUS-DLT Grant - $1,000,000.00. This grant will provide a major upgrade throughout the district with ZOOM access throughout Dufur School and the Celilo Education Center.

  3. Clean Air / Cooling Center Grant - $214,000.00. This grant from the office of emergency services management will provide clean air filtering and cooling in the upper gym, along with cooling in the front entry of the school.

  4. Student Investment Account – This four-year program is funded by the CAT Tax and helps support additional classrooms in the elementary.

The district cash reserves remain steady in the $ 400,000.00 range. Current proposed budget reductions are 1.0 FTE certified position and 3.0 assistant positions. Future challenges include managing district growth as class sizes fluctuate throughout the school year.

Review of Proposed Revenue and Expenditures – Josie reviewed the general fund budget totaling $ 6,434,241.00, the special revenue funds totaling $ 5,657,609.00, and debt service fund of $ 555,200.00.

After review and discussion, Bert moved to approve the proposed budget for 2023-24, imposing the permanent rate of $4.4659 per $1000 of assessed value, and the general obligation bond levy of $502,200.00. Cindy seconded the motion that carried.

Having no additional business, the meeting was adjourned.