Wasco Co. Library Service District

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What is theWasco County Library Service District?:

History and Information

Wasco County voters approved the Wasco County Library Service District in November 2006. It is funded by property taxes collected from nearly all of Wasco County. The exceptions are Antelope and the Warm Springs Indian Reservation, included in the Jefferson County Library District, and the City of Mosier. The Mosier City Council opted out of the District; Mosier residents must pay an annual fee of $75 for a library card.

There are three libraries within the District: the Southern Wasco County library in Maupin, the Dufur school/public library, and The Dalles-Wasco County library in The Dalles. As a group we are a member of Evergreen/Sage a consortium of public, school, collegiate, and medical libraries in Eastern Oregon

The Wasco County Commissioners govern the District and appoint the five-member Library Board. The County Librarian, Sheila Dooley, is also library director in The Dalles. An intergovernment agreement between Wasco County and City of The Dalles provides that the City administer the library in The Dalles.

Resources available at the Libraries serviced by the District

The library system has a variety of material available for checkout. There are many books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, books on tape and books on CDs. Each individual library's materials will differ. An inter library loan system exists which allows the libraries to share materials.

Computers, copy machines and printers may also be available. Printing and making copies may have a fee which may be different at each location. Please inquire at the front desk beforehand printing or copying. Internet access may also be available - policies regarding usage may differ in each of the libraries.

Our friendly and professional staff are eager to serve you. Welcome to the Wasco County Library Service District!

Wasco County Library Service District's Mission Statement

To provide the Wasco County's citizens with free and equal access to material relevant to their informational needs. The district serves as an unbiased source of information with opportunities provided for personal, educational, cultural and recreational enrichment.