Kaye Prouty Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is dedicated to the memory of Kaye Prouty. Kaye spent many years of her life in Dufur and maintained her love of the school throughout her lifetime. The Kaye Prouty Memorial Scholarship was formed to remember Kaye, as well as benefit deserving graduates of Dufur High School.

To be considered for the Kaye Prouty Memorial Scholarship graduates must meet the following criteria:
• Be a graduate of Dufur High School with a minimum 2.0 GPA
• Have been accepted to an institution of higher learning, including vocational schools
• Complete the Dufur School District Common Scholarship Application form which can be found on the district website or provided by the scholarship coordinator
• Provide two letters of recommendation from adults familiar with the applicants work habits and dedication to success
• Maintain a 2.0 GPA in college courses while enrolled full time, which is defined as 12 or more credits
The scholarship will be awarded at the annual scholarship-academic awards night each spring. Recipients of this scholarship must use the awards within 2 years after completion of high school.

The scholarship winners will be chosen by the Kaye Prouty Scholarship Committee.  An equal portion of the scholarship will be awarded after each successful term in college during the scholarship year, when the recipient presents their grades to the Dufur School Business Manager.

Due Date: First Friday in May
Turn in the Completed application to the office by 3:20 p.m.