Honors Graduate Program

Dufur High School
Beginning with the Class of 2012


1. Students must complete all the regular Dufur High School graduation requirements.

2. Students must earn a cumulative GPA of 3.60 or better from the beginning of their ninth grade year through the third quarter of their senior year.

3. Students must complete at least 4 credits of math; through pre-calculus.

4. Students must complete at least 4 credits of science. This will include at least two from the following: chemistry, physics, anatomy.

5. Students must actively participate in at least two co-curricular activities during their junior or senior year. This can include athletics, FFA contests, music, drama, student store, etc. and is to be approved in advance.

6. Students must complete at least one college or technical course, either on-line or on-campus, relevant to their career interest.

7. The student's enrollment must be the equivalent to a full-time student each of their high school years. For their junior and senior years this can be a combination of high school courses and college dual credit courses. It is the student's responsibility to have this approved before they begin the coursework.

8. Students will be members, in good standing, of National Honor Society.

*To be eligible to be the valedictorian or salutatorian for Dufur High School you must also meet the Honor Graduate requirements.