Dufur School District #29 

Healthy and Safe Schools plan

1.  Responsible Person

The person responsible for maintaining and implementing HASS Plan/IMP Coordinator and AHERA Coordinator is:            

Name: Kevin Farrell

Position: Facilities Manager

Contact Information: Phone- (541) 467-2509, Mailing Address: 802 NE Fifth Street, Dufur Oregon 97021,          Email- kfarrell@dufur.k12.or.us

2.  List of Facilities

Building NameBuilding Address
Dufur School802 NE Fifth St. Dufur, OR 97021
Petersburg School3855 Fifteen Mile Rd. The Dalles, Or 97058

3.  Radon

Dufur School Dist. has developed a Radon plan as required by ORS 332.167, Community members can access a copy of the Radon Plan here on our website ( Dufur School District #29 Radon Policy). Test results will be made public and posted to our website.

4.  Elevated Levels of Lead in Water Used for Drinking or Food Preparation

All school districts, education service districts, and public charter schools are required to test for and eliminate exposure to elevated levels of lead for Drinking and Food Preparations through remediation or eliminating access, according to OAR 333-061-0400 and OAR 581-022-2223. In conformance with those administrative rules, Dufur School Dist. certifies the following:

  1.   All testing was done according to the testing requirements in OAR 333-061-0400;
  2.   All samples were analyzed by a lab accredited by Oregon Health Authority to test for those materials
  3.   All water fixtures required to be tested under OAR 333-061-0400 were tested elevated levels of lead in accordance with the testing schedule developed by the Oregon Health Authority; and   
  4.   The testing schedule for each building covered by this plan is set forth below;
Facility NameYear Of Last Test (Year Only)Next schedule test (Per
6 year schedule) (Year Only) 
Schedule or Exemption
Dufur SchoolN/AN/AN/A
Petersburg School N/AN/AN/A

All testing results will be made available to all staff, students’ parents, and community via Dufur School Dist. website (Lead in water test results not available yet), email and copies will be available onsite.

Once any elevated sources are found and isolated Dufur School District will prioritize the removal of the source and with available funding, mitigate the areas affected, In the meantime, if any water sources contain lead that exceeds EPA’s or DQ’s standard the lesser will be used and access to the elevated source will be turned off and posted and safe sources of water will be provided by the school to allow for the least inconvenience as possible. 

5.  Lead Paint

In order to comply with the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) Renovation, Repair and Painting Program Rule, Dufur School District will contract with certified lead based paint renovation contractors licensed by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board or will use staff that is certified by the Oregon Health Authority.



6.  Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

DufurSchoolDistricthasadoptedanIPMplanin2016as required by ORS 634.700 through 634.750. Community members can access a copy of the plan at (Integrated Pest Management Plan).

 7.  Asbestos

Dufur School District complies with the federal Asbestos Hazard Emergency Act (AHERA). All required asbestos management plans are available for viewing by submitting a request to Kevin Farrell, E-mail- (kfarrell@dufur.k12.or.us).

8. Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Dufur School District certifies that all buildings subject to the Healthy and Safe Schools Plan comply with the carbon monoxide detection standards in the state building code that was in effect when the building was originally constructed or as required by building code due to addition, upgrade, or removal.

9.  Test Results Publication

Dufur School District is complying with the requirement to provide access to test results, as defined by OAR 581-022-223 within 10 business days as defined by ORS 332-334. Test results can be found Dufur School District’s web site (www.dufur.k12.or.us). Specific test results can be found as follows:

  • Lead in Water: (Lead in water test results not available yet).
  • Radon: (Radon test results not available yet).

Additionally, copies of all test results are available at Dufur School District #29, 802 NE fifth St, Dufur OR 97021. Dufur School District will also alert members of its communities as to where they can access test results using current district email list and programs. Please contact appropriate district personnel to be added to current email lists and programs.

I certify that the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.

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Kevin FarrellFacilities Manager01/11/19